Discover the versatility of the Rolux 135Wh V Mount Battery and how it seamlessly integrates with various cameras and equipment, enhancing your professional videography and photography projects.

In the dynamic realm of professional videography and photography, the quest for the perfect power solution is paramount. The Rolux 135Wh V Mount Battery emerges as a beacon of versatility and reliability, catering to a wide array of cameras and equipment. This article explores the compatibility of the Rolux 135Wh V Mount Battery with different types of cameras and equipment, providing insights into how it can revolutionize your shooting experience.

Introduction to Rolux 135Wh V Mount Battery

The Rolux 135Wh V Mount Battery stands out in the market for its robust design and superior performance. Engineered to meet the high demands of professional equipment, this battery boasts a capacity of 135Wh and delivers a maximum output power of 220W. Its impressive specifications include various output options like BP interface (14.4V 15A), D-tap (14.4V 10A), and USB (5V 2.1A), making it a versatile choice for professionals.

Unveiling Compatibility with Various Cameras and Equipment

Adapting to Different Camera Brands and Models

One of the remarkable features of the Rolux 135Wh V Mount Battery is its compatibility with a broad spectrum of camera brands and models. Whether you’re using high-end cinema cameras from RED, ARRI, or Blackmagic, or professional camcorders and DSLRs from Sony, Canon, Nikon, or Panasonic, the Rolux battery is designed to seamlessly integrate with these devices. This adaptability is due to its standard V Mount locking mechanism, a common fixture in the industry, ensuring a secure and reliable connection to your camera or camcorder.

Powering Ancillary Equipment

Beyond cameras, the Rolux 135Wh V Mount Battery extends its utility to a variety of ancillary equipment critical for professional shoots. This includes LED lights, monitors, recorders, and even drones that support V Mount batteries. The battery’s multiple output ports, including D-tap and USB, offer the flexibility to power additional accessories simultaneously, ensuring that all your equipment stays powered throughout the shoot.

The Benefits of Using Rolux 135Wh V Mount Battery

Enhanced Portability and Efficiency: The compact size and lightweight design of the Rolux battery make it an ideal companion for on-location shoots. Its high capacity and multiple output options mean fewer batteries to carry and the ability to power more equipment for longer periods, enhancing your shooting efficiency.

Reliability Across Conditions: Designed to perform in a wide range of temperatures (-10°C to 60°C), the Rolux 135Wh V Mount Battery ensures consistent power delivery, regardless of the shooting environment. This reliability is crucial for professionals who find themselves in challenging and unpredictable conditions.

Future-Proofing Your Equipment: As the industry evolves, so does the demand for higher power consumption equipment. The Rolux 135Wh V Mount Battery is built to meet not only today’s power requirements but also those of future technology, making it a smart investment for any professional.


The Rolux 135Wh V Mount Battery’s universal compatibility with a wide range of cameras and equipment marks it as a cornerstone of professional videography and photography. Its ability to adapt to different types of cameras and equipment without compromising on performance or reliability makes it an indispensable asset for professionals aiming to elevate their work. Embrace the power and versatility of the Rolux 135Wh V Mount Battery and unlock new potentials in your professional projects.

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