Voltage: 14.4V Weight: 1.59 lbs/720g
Capacity: 120WhDimensions: 4.73×3.59×2.17 inches/120×91×55 mm
  • Compact Body, Massive Capacity
    The 120Wh V Mount battery boasts a compact size yet offers astounding capacity. With a voltage of 14.8V, it meets the demands of various devices. Measuring just 4.73×3.59×2.17 inches/120×91×55 mm and weighing 1.59 lbs/720g, it is suitable for prolonged use while ensuring portability.
  • Intelligent Design, Versatility
    This battery not only delivers robust power but also features intelligent design with a built-in USB port for powering mobile phones, tablets, and other devices. No need for additional chargers; you can charge your devices anytime, anywhere, keeping them online at all times.
  • Super Intelligent Experience
    Unlike traditional batteries, the 120Wh V Mount battery comes with super intelligent features. Through the integrated APP protocol, users can monitor the battery’s health status in real-time by simply downloading the app. From tracking power consumption to understanding battery usage, you can stay informed, ensuring smooth workflow.
  • Remote Fault Analysis Support
    Moreover, the battery supports remote fault analysis, providing comprehensive diagnostic services for customers. Regardless of your location, you can access professional fault diagnosis support over the network, resolving any issues encountered during battery usage.

Overall, the 120Wh V Mount battery emerges as a top choice for professional photographers and filmmakers, thanks to its exceptional performance, intelligent design, and multifunctional features. Whether shooting outdoors or working in the studio, this battery provides stable and reliable power, ensuring your devices remain operational at peak efficiency.

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